This great artist's main theme is Fuerteventura itself.

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Galería de Arte Nuria del Pino

Dynamic and multi-talented

Born in Madrid, Nuria del Pino moved to the Canary Islands as a child where she has decided to make her permanent residence to date. She is presently considered as one of the most dynamic and multi-talented artists on the island scene, having developed a great career with painting being a real spear head. She also had the luck of travelling round the world and gained in-depth knowledge of cinema, design, sculpture, and photography, which allowed her to broaden her artistic spectrum and horizon. That's why she decided to open this art gallery, which is named after her, and based in her host village of Lajares. The gallery is an original nerve centre where she carries out a complete review of her activity, including a workshop, exhibition room, and a shop where you can approach the work of an artist who addresses the island of Fuerteventura itself as the main theme of her creations.

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