The idea of touring the island on the back of a Harley Davidson sounds like a film. Who's up for it?

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Did you think that you have already seen it all? Well, pay attention because this is bound to interest you. The dimensions of Fuerteventura turn it into a perfect place to rent a vehicle and tour the island from one end to the other. It won't take you much time to go round each spot on the island and discover it for yourself, and although it's common to rent a car or a small motorbike, we offer you a different plan: if you are a lover of two wheels, Fuerteventura offers you the possibility of going round the island on a Harley Davidson. The 'Harley Tours' have become really popular recently, offering a service that allows you to rent and return this legendary machine at several places, or to rent it over a period of some days. There are also various tours organised throughout Fuerteventura, so that the island can be discovered in groups. If you're a biker or simply keen on the motoring world, this will be an unforgettable experience.

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