Its special qualities make it a unique variety in the world. A real feast!

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Majorero Cheese

A traditional product if ever there was one

The hard, barren, and wild nature of the island, and the fact that it has been kept isolated for centuries resulted in an unusual ecosystem and produced a different gastronomy, which is marked by such unusual conditions. In this way, the island's dry yet fertile earth used to feed local goats that produced a very special and different milk, which is characterised by its aromatic qualities, and for being rich in fat. One of the most typical, tasty, and prized products is made from this milk, which is Majorero cheese. This cheese doesn't only form the base of Fuerteventura's gastronomy, its qualities are so special that it has also become highly regarded on an international level, and its intense flavour will no doubt have had something to do with this. The Majorero cheese making process has remained intact for centuries, and it's a real feast!

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