The volcanoes in the area are responsible for this unusual geomorphological ecosystem.

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Malpaís Grande

A unique environment

The famous 'Malpaís' is a geomorphological ecosystem that was formed in the island's interior, specifically between the towns of Antigua and Tuineje. The peculiarity of the volcanoes which formed this area used to make their lava erupt over the sides in a thick and slow way, which created special sharp and rocky peaks like no others you've seen before, and not like the typical image that we have of volcanoes. This special orography has also made the flora and fauna to become unusual, and has given way to the creation of a unique environment. Caldera de la Laguna, Caldera de Liria, and Caldera de los Arrabales are the three most well-known peaks, and there are different routes among them, making an essential place for sport and nature lovers. Most of the routes set off from Tiscamanita where you will participate in a unique experience that will be unforgettable!

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