What will you find at 669 metres high up? Yes, you'll find the best panoramic view of the island.

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Mirador Morro Velosa

Panoramic views from up high

The Morro Velosa Mirador is a viewpoint which stands on Tegú Mountain at 669 metres high, and located in the middle of Valle de Santa Inés in the middle of the island in Parque Rural del Macizo of Betancuria. From this viewpoint, you can practically make out the whole island; or at least that's what César Manrique from Lanzarote must have thought, who was responsible for building this spectacular viewpoint, and the most famous architect in the whole Canarian archipelago. There's no doubt that this enclave offers the best views of Fuerteventura, making an ideal place to have such a beautiful view, and to point out what you have visited during your stay: from El Cotillo and the famous mountain of Tindaya, to the north as far as the area of Antigua and Tiscamanita, where the volcanoes formed the island more than 50,000 years ago; and if the sky is clear, you'll be able to make out Parque Natural de Jandía in the background. Alright then! You've got the island at your feet.

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