Explore the cliffs, forests, and beaches of the area which are simply incredible.

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Morro Jable

If you want a peaceful time…

The region of Pájara occupies the centre and the south of the island. You'll find this delightful enclave when you almost arrive at the nature reserve in Jandía called Parque Natural de Jandía. The Morro Jable Lighthouse stands as a marker with a northern limit marked by the Entallada Lighthouse, and the Punta Jandía Lighthouse to the south. Attention: in the middle of these is the gigantic beach of Sotavento, which is one of the enormous coasts that bathes in Atlantic waters. We suggest that you park the car and walk leisurely through these deserts, as this is an ideal way to discover the wonderful and remote, small sandy bays that are waiting to welcome you. Although it's true that Pájara is one of the most popular towns for the Germans who live here or come to spend their summer, it's also true that you'll easily lose your way among the cliffs, forests, and beaches as you find romantic spots where you'll fall in love again.

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