The museum stands out for its exterior façade, as well as its interesting exhibitions.

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Museo de Arte Sacro

Inside and outside

On the street of Alcalde Carmelo Silvera in the middle of the Betancuria region, there is a house that attracts attention due to its gabled slate roof on the building's exterior with a wooden underside that faces inside the museum. Its balcony predominates the main entrance and has a slender stairway to access the main floor from outside the building. You have arrived at the sacred art museum named Museo de Arte Sacro, which is a building that served as the residency for the higher church ranks in the past. Nowadays, this museum has reconverted into one of the most important exhibitions of religious art on the island, and the rest of the archipelago: an artistic collage shows the evolution of the church in Fuerteventura with collections of paintings and engravings, to the attire and symbology used in the liturgy of the church since its arrival on the island back in the 15th century.

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