Majorero salt has always been utilised. You can find out all about this here.

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Museo de la Sal

That magical product

The difficult geographic position of the islands, which has kept them isolated during centuries, and their desert-like nature has made the archipelago's population fully optimize the little resources at their disposal. Besides agriculture, stockbreeding, and craftwork, the Majorero island has utilised salt from the land to convert it into a very important product as part of its commercial activity. This situation resulted in the creation of the Salinas del Carmen in the heart of Antigua, and made the most of its special and natural conditions. Nowadays, this museum shows how water was desalinated by means of different natural processes, and you can also see the lime kilns and wells. This desalination plant was commissioned by Mr. Francisco Bautista de Lugo y Saavadra during the 18th century, and the benefits that the salt from Fuerteventura provided in the fields of food and medicine were already known during the conquest era.

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