The soundtrack of the island is marked by the timple, which is its instrument par excellence.

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Musical Instruments

Majorero melodies

Chácaras, drums, whistles, or bucios are just some of the names of typically Canarian musical instruments. Most of them originate from times prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of Castile, and you have to go deep into the indigenous cultures to find their origin. Without going into too much detail, the majority are percussion instruments made of wood and skins from the island's flora and fauna. However, the island's traditional instrument par excellence is the timple: the origin of this kind of Majorero gets lost in the annals of history. All these instruments form part of Fuerteventura's most rooted culture and you can find them, for example, in the street market which makes a stop here every Monday and Friday in Morro Jable, so as you can see, you won't be lacking in options. These traditional instruments would make one of the most original gifts, wouldn't they?

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