Desalted fish accompanied with a green or red sauce: a great choice of food.

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And if we're talking about stews…

Perhaps the favourite, and the most traditional dish on the island is sancocho. Although the recipe is also made on the rest of the islands, and even on the American continent, Fuerteventura has its own way of making Sancocho: going deep into the fishing tradition of the region, the typical local fish used are usually Atlantic wreckfish, corvina or burro. The fish is traditionally desalted, and then the papas arrugadas, are added along with the sweet potatoes and the sauce. The latter can vary being either a green or red colour, depending how spicy you want the chunks to be. As you can appreciate, we are talking about basic ingredients which have turned into the most common recipe for the island's fishing and farming families over hundreds of years. To try sancocho, we recommend you to visit the port.

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