Its close relations with its neighbouring content favours miscegenation, which is proven by this place.

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The African Market

Arts and crafts in Fuerteventura

Although the archipelago belonged to the Crown of Castile since its arrival during the 15th century, its geographic position has resulted in the islands forming a close relationship with the African continent, and gave way to cultural inter-breeding, which makes the archipelago culture even more richer. The proof is in the pudding, as evidence of such fusion comes in the form of this small and little known market located on the street of Happag Lloyd in the area of Costa Calma. To arrive at this place, take the road from Pájara that takes you to the south before you arrive at Parque Natural de Jandía, which would also be a good option to combine both activities. You'll find all kinds of African arts and crafts here from the good-luck charms of different cultures, to bags, clothes and original accessories made with materials and motifs from the African continent. What do we recommend? Go there willing to haggle and negotiate every price.

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