The concept of a Majorero monument is very different, and this example is proof of this.

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The Caldera de Gairía Natural Monument

Volcano on the horizon

A word of advice: try to change your idea of a monument when you are in Fuerteventura. On this almost wild and solitary island, nature was responsible for making a series of monuments for itself that you must go and see. One of the best examples is located right in the heart of the island, in an area where the barren and volcanic orography makes it even more obvious. This volcanic cone situated at a few kilometres from Tiscamanita, between Antigua and Tuineje, dates back to the Middle Ages and presents a curious latent activity which has turned it into the focus of several scientific studies. A very special and unusual ecosystem has been generated around the Caldera de Gairía that has favoured a popular cultivation of tomatoes, among other things: this famous vegetable from Tiscamanita is one of the island's most treasured gastronomical products, and can be found anywhere else on its territory.

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