Despite three reconstructions, it is one of the three most important churches.

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The Church of Santa María Betancuria

An ancient oratorio

When the Crown of Castile decided to take the islands of the archipelago, it came across different indigenous cultures that populated the islands since ancient times with traditions that were very different to what Europeans were used to. This provoked a decision by the conquerors to quickly build this oratorio when they arrived on Fuerteventura, so that they were able to develop their religious precepts, and establish Catholicism on the land. Shortly after, around 1410, the conqueror Jean de Bethencourt, who was one of the essential figures of his time, ordered the new temple to be built, and it was also Bethencourt who commissioned the construction of Casa de los Coroneles. The Church of Santa María Betancuria was built in a kind of Gothic style that reigned in Europe during the 15th century, but it was attacked by Berber pirates who reduced it to rubble during the 16th century which meant it had to be built again for the third time. We are talking about one of the most important churches of Fuerteventura.

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