An impressive natural paradise which is loaded with history and stories.

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The Jandía Peninsula

Two birds with one stone

This strip of land is one of the most prominent natural paradises that you'll be able to find in Fuerteventura. Completely separated from the rest of the Majorero territory, it is believed that it was an island itself thousands of years ago, and joined to Fuerteventura after some of the strong volcanic eruptions on the land. After passing miles of wild and desert-like land, the beaches of Barlovento and El Cofete appear in this nature reserve, as well as one the island's most curious stories: this is where Gustav Winter stayed in the famous casa del alemán (or German's house). Nobody knew this man's history exactly, hence the story, but it is known that he became the owner of the Jandía peninsula. It is also believed that he served Hitler during the Second World War, and that General Franco hid him on the island. Interesting, isn't it?

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