Craters, panoramic views, and squirrels. Highly recommended!

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The Volcano Route

A walk round Calderón Hondo

Did you know that the dimensions of the island of Fuerteventura were half of what they are now? That's right. The surface that it used to have was almost doubled due to the continuous eruptions of some of the volcanoes that form the island, which resulted in it becoming closer to the land that occupies its neighbour Lanzarote. In the northern area from Corralejo, you can visit some of these volcanoes and Calderón Hondo is one of them: its gestation occurred around 55,000 years ago, and it has a crater of seventy metres deep. From the nearest village of Lajares, it's possible to start a route that will take you to the top of this peak, where you can practically go round the whole diameter of its crater and see the island's beauty from there. As you can imagine, the volcano itself and the panoramic views are incredible. People usually take a little food with them to feed the squirrels that live around here.

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