You will be amazed by this mountain full of caves and prehistoric engravings.

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Tindaya: The Island's Talisman

As if by magic

The Montaña de Tindanya is a mountain located in the north of the island, and in the town of La Oliva. Standing at 400 metres above sea level, this mountain has become the most important natural feature on the island, but its importance doesn't stop there: Tindanya is a magic place in Fuerteventura which is considered as a sacred place by indigenous civilizations in which they left proof of their time in the area by means of their engravings. Due to this, the mountain nowadays has a large number of prehistoric drawings in its various caves, and this uniqueness has resulted in declaring this mountain as Bien de Interés Cultural (Heritage of Cultural Interest). This mountain is one of the Majoreros' best kept treasures. Incidentally, during the 90s, the great sculptor Eduardo Chilida put forward the idea of mounting a sculptural work on the mountain which was based on emptying part of it, but the village was against it, so his idea was not carried out in the end.

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