Tiscamanita, La Gayría, and Traditional Products

Looking for an interesting and special rural house? You've found it!

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Tiscamanita, La Gayría, and Traditional Products

A journey of a culinary nature

The region of Tiscamanita is located in the south central part of the island where you will find La Gayría, which is a huge estate of five thousand square metres used for harvesting all foods that they offer which is naturally all genuine Majorero produce. Inside this estate, you'll find three rural houses (in which you can stay, by the way), and a vegetable garden where they grow the island's typical tomatoes, and fruit and vegetables of the region among which some of these are very exotic. This regional agricultural centre offers you a tour during which you'll learn the different techniques and processes that were used to feed the island's inhabitants since ancient times: from the very famous Majorero cheese, to recipes that are a little more modern, such as the sweets and desserts made in the bakery next to the estate, which will be a delight for your taste buds!

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