For lovers of marine life, this is an essential stop on your trip.

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Aula del  Mar Museum

City of the sea museum.

As a coastal city, Malaga has a museum dedicated to the sea next to its port. Created in 1989, it began as a project for local students who wanted to preserve and create awareness about the marine environment. They organised an exhibition with marine aquariums in the rooms that created the fisherman brotherhood: this was the start of the story. In addition to being a museum, it is a sea school and provides courses to give training in marine farming. The facilities are made up of 30 aquariums and three rooms: the shark and ray room, the marine invertebrate room and the marine vertebrate room. For those more interested and passionate about marine skeletons, Aula del Mar has a collection of artefacts, including the jaw of a tiger shark, giant squids and the skull of a whale.

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