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Automobile Museum

Whether you love cars or not.

For a vehicle as important and necessary as a car, it seems fitting to have a museum dedicated to it. The Automobile Museum has a surprising variety of ancient gems in its collection, with almost 100 restored cars and even a collection of haute couture dresses and hats. The car collection includes the Belle Époque (1907 Jackson and Richmond), Dorados 20, Art Déco, popular cars, design cars, dream cars (with its collection of Cadillacs), English tradition, alternative energy (vehicles such as a 1916 Milbum Electric and a 1910 Stantley Steamer), the Dolce Vita section (Mercedes, Porche, Jaguar and Maserati) and finally a tuning section. It is in the Tabacalera building, some 5 km from Malaga's centre, near the coast and very close to Abadía Garden.

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