If you want to buy antiques, pay a visit to this historic building.

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Cardenal House

An unusual shop in the centre of Malaga.

An old ramshackle house from the 17th century made up of three patios decorated with plants and a vault in the basement. Here, in 1850, Cardinal Don José Moreno Mazón was born, later becoming the Archbishop of Granada. Located on Andrés Pérez Street (between Carretería Street and Mártires Square), the house was bought and restored by two locals and is now an antiques shop where you can buy religious artefacts, upholstery, porcelain and paintings. They also hold appraisals for heirlooms, design projects and furniture restoration. Years ago, writer Antonio Gala wanted to buy a piece of local jewellery but he was unable to as it was inherited by the Church. In the end he had to wait 25 years until he was finally able to buy it.

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