Enjoy the views that Malaga has to offer and delve into the history of this ancient castle.

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Gibralfaro Castle

If you're lucky you can see as far as Morocco.

Listed as a Cultural Interest Site, this is an ancient Phoenician enclosure which held a Roman lighthouse that gave its name to Gibralfaro Mountain (Jbel-Faro or Lighthouse Mountain). The date of its construction is not clear but it is believed to date back to between the 11th and 12th centuries. It has a peculiar shape as it was situated on uneven terrain which had to be adapted. This castle is a Nazari architectural masterpiece, of masonry construction, with very small stones (used for working with lime mortar) and sand in the lower sections of the wall. From Gibralfaro Castle you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Costa del Sol and sometimes even see Morocco when the conditions are right.

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