Perhaps the most well-known street in Malaga, and after a stroll along it you will understand why.

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Marqués de Larios Street

The street between streets.

Better-known by the locals as Larios Street it gets its name from the man who built it, Manuel Domingo Larios. It is arguably the most symbolic street in the city and the place where everyone comes to shop. For many years it has been a pedestrian street where you can see statues of famous artists and many shops for national brands. An interesting fact about it is that it is the fifth most expensive commercial street in Spain. If you need to take a break to relax from all the shopping, head to the well-known Central Cafe next to Constitución Square. It dates back to 1910 and is where you can order a coffee in the local style: 'nube', 'sombra' or 'corto'. Ordering a coffee in Malaga requires some training beforehand!

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