With the climate in Madrid, it is ideal to spend a day at the beach and drinking on the terraces.

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Misericordia Beach

A beach with a whole load of ambiance.

This is the beach most popular with the city's youngsters and is usually not as busy, except on Sundays. The beach is in the heart of the centre, in the city's West coast, and nestled between Guadalhorce and Huelin Beach. It stands out for its accessibility and for the old industrial chimney from which you can see the ' Melillero wave', a natural phenomenal which has led to a rise in the sea level due to the waves. It was given this name because this is the nickname of the ship that does the Malaga-Melilla route. The walk to the beach and its facilities, as well as the rest of its surroundings, are very well cared for and you can find several places to stop for a drink when the sun has tired you out.

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