Museum of Traditions and Popular Art

A museum for those who want to understand the Andalucian culture and its traditions.

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Museum of Traditions and Popular Art

Get to know the traditions and mix of cultures.

Everywhere has its own popular traditions. This is why Malaga has had its own Museum of Traditions and Popular Art since 1976 - to show visitors the ethnographic wealth and variety of the area. The building was erected during the 17th century, with a style of construction commonly found in Baja Andalucia (the lowlands of the Andalucía Guadalquivir Valley). This was formed by two stories and an interior patio filled with plants that give rooms a different feel. The museum was arranged in a way that the bottom floor held everything relating to the rural environment, while the upper floor is an urban space. The local architect Enrique Atencia was responsible for transforming this museum. It is open from Monday to Saturday.

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