Wine is very important to the locals, so they were quick to dedicate a museum to it!

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Museum of Wine

Malaga and wine.

Wine has history and culture. The aim of this museum is to provide information on wines with the "Malaga" or "Sierras Malaga" Certificate of Origin and raisins with a "Malaga Raisins" Certificate of Origin. The museum is located in the historic centre, in the former 18th century Biedmas Palace. Its collection of more than 400 quality antique wines are arranged by their bottle labels, reputation and advertisement prints for wine and raisins, sketches, barrel labels, decorative packaging, table cover and lithographic stones. So if you are interested in the world of wine, this collection will transport you to the oldest local tradition. For those who are interested in a wine-tasting class, the museum also provides this. Courses last for 2 hours over 3 days.

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