Admire the cultural mix in Malaga's citadel.

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Roman Theatre

The well-conserved Roman remains.

At the foot of the citadel and in the open air sits the roman theatre, whose origins date back to the 1st century A.C. - the time of Roman Spain and the period of Emperor Augusto. But it was not until 1951 when the theatre was discovered during the constructed of a garden at the entrance of the Casa de la Cultura. When you see the theatre, you can clearly distinguish three parts: the "cavea" (for the spectators), the "orchestra" (a semicircular area formed by very low stairs where the city's illustrious guests sat) and the "proscaenium" (stage behind the "orchestra") which had two parts, the "Pulpitum" (the performance area) and the "frons scaenae" (front stage), which played an acoustics role. You can visit the theatre every day, except Mondays, and admission is free.

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