Great variety, but if you really want to try Chilean fast food par excellence, order a "completo". Yum yum!

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A completo on the ground floor of the Portal Fernández Concha.

Fast food under the portico.

Every tourist who's wandered through Santiago has most likely seen this building located on the edge of the Plaza de Armas, but many won't know that its portico is full of historic fast food stalls where every day many locals go to eat. Sandwiches, pizzas and "completos", as the call hot dogs in Santiago, are some of the specialities here, all keenly priced. The completo arrived in Chile through Eduardo Bahamondes Muñoz, an immigrant who in the 20s came back to his homeland after having spent some years in the United States. He then set up his own bar, the "Quick Lunch Bahamondes" and began serving these hot dogs. But not content with the traditional Ketchup and mayonnaise, he decided to add to the mix a special cream he made himself. The invention was a triumph and of course the adjacent bars began to imitate it, thereby establishing "completo" tradition forever. Today in the same location as the original, Bahamondes' bar has been reborn as "El Portal, Ex Bahamondes", keeping the legend alive. Chez Henry, which opened in 1929 and recently sold as its owners went bankrupt, was also legendary, along with Ravera pizzeria which is still running.

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