A day at the races. Horse racing in Santiago at Club Hípico and Hipódromo Chile

Chileans are into horse racing. Thursday is race day at the Hipódromo, it makes a great outing.

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A day at the races. Horse racing in Santiago at Club Hípico and Hipódromo Chile

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Although this isn't a sport of the masses, there's a great passion in Chile for horse racing, which includes the annual Hipódromo Chile Grand Prix (held in April or May), where the best racehorses in the country are decided. Founded thanks to the tenacity of a group of enthusiasts, the Hipódromo Chile is a fantastic events venue where a visitor could find a wedding or a conference taking place, or a real horse race, usually held on Thursdays. The general public gathers in the four tiered Paddock stand and the more well-to-do in boxes where they can enjoy a good meal whilst watching the races. The venue has a huge garden where visitors can wander at their leisure and can be used on special occasions for recitals, concerts or parties. The Club Hípico Santiago, located in the República District and housed in a majestic stately building given listed building status, was brought to fruition by the Chilean architect Josué Smith Solar. It can hold more than 30,000 spectators and besides races, a whole host of musical events, in particular concerts, are held there, all with the striking backdrop of the Andes mountains.

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