Having a bath in the shadow of a mountain is a dream that at Baños Morales can become reality!

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A hot bath with views of the snow

25 wonderful degrees.

Having a hot bath at 1,800 metres above sea level in the shadow of the awe-inspiring Andes mountains is a dream which can become reality in the village of Baños Morales, 92 kilometres from Santiago. The trip can be made in a day or you can stay overnight in one of the lodges near the Baths. At the Baths, these thermal pools have a 25 degree constant temperature all year round, which means it welcomes hundreds of tourists each year. Its brown iodine, sodium and potassium rich waters are said to have healing properties for illnesses related to the bones and skin. You can also have massages using mud and medicinal waters. The centre is open to everyone all year round, but the best time to bathe is between October and March. If however you do want to visit in winter, it is advisable to check the roads leading to it are clear and not hampered by snow. A little further from the capital is Termas de Plomo, natural pools where the water is also hot, though getting there is a little trickier than to Baños Morales.

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