Unfortunately you can't enjoy this attraction at the moment as it was closed in 2009. Meanwhile, residents and tourists alike are itching for it to reopen.

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Cable car in the Metropolitan Park on San Cristóbal Hill

A 4.8 kilometre long cable car!

Twelve towers rooted in the rock of San Cristóbal Hill make up the Santiago cable car which runs for 4.8 kilometres (Madrid's isn't even 2.5) through three stations: Oasis, Tupahue and Cumbre (meaning summit), where it connects with the Funicular, which goes up to the Sanctuary of the Virgin. Opened in 1980, its thirtieth anniversary has still not been able to be celebrated because in June 2009, after some mechanical failures, the authorities decided to provisionally close it. Since then, various prototypes have been proposed to improve its safety and it is hoped it will reopen soon, but it has not yet been possible to return it to service, even though it was one of the most popular tourist attractions. With this closure, Chile is not only losing the income brought by the million plus journeys per year it had reached, but the Santiago skyline has also been left without its 78 traditional coloured "little eggs", each holding up to four people, which disappeared among the clouds making themselves an icon of the city.

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