The legend of the improvised minute and a half striptease, will always remain in the history the Barón Rojo.

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Cafés with legs

Those wonderful years.

In the 90s Chile was experiencing the winds of change and not just politically. Society was becoming more liberal and the so called "cafés with legs" were starting to appear, especially in the financial district of the city, where scantily dressed waitresses looked after their customers who would come for a coffee after a meal. Establishments with opaque windows and neon lights became icons of the city though today they a more a curious memory of those first years of liberalisation. However, this doesn't nearly mean that they have disappeared from the scene. Among others, the mythical El Barón Rojo (717, Las Agustinas Street) still stands out, which became infamous for its "happy minute", although it never became clear if it was a myth or reality. For a minute and without any forewarning, the girls would give an improvised striptease for the customers who were in the café at the time. Another of the established cafés is Café Caribe (120 Ahumada Street), which is more frequented by tourists.

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