Highlights of this interesting museum are its mural of the Battle of Maipú and its traditional Chilean restaurant.

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Carmen de Maipu Museum

In the suburbs of the city.

Located inside the the shrine of the Virgen del Carmen, 10 kilometres outside the centre of Santiago, built on the place where the Chilean troops, at the command of General San Martín, definitively defeated the Spanish on April 5th 1818. In November of that year the first stone of the shrine was placed, as the military commander of the war, Bernardo O'Higgins had made a promise to dedicate a church to the virgin. However, the idea of the museum came much later and it opened its doors in 1956. Inside it houses a valuable and eclectic collection of objects, among which are the carriages of Santiago's first aristocracy. There is also an important exhibition of religious imagery, furniture of the era and paintings by both national and international artists. It's also interesting for its historical documents relating to the independence movement, its valuable collection of clothes, particularly those of high society, and its pre-Columbian art. However, its hallmark is the large mural of the Battle of Maipú, by the Chilean artist Pedro Subercaseaux. After the museum, it's worth visiting, El Chanco con Chaleco a restaurant serving traditional food, one of the best in Maipú.

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