Pomaire lives for pottery. You won't find prettier pottery in all Chile!

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Ceramics in Pomaire

Chilean pottery tradition.

Cradle of the Chilean pottery tradition since before the arrival of the Spanish, 65 kilometres to the south of Santiago, Pomaire is town where most of its inhabitants live from pottery. Its products are easily distinguishable thanks to their reddish tones and their smooth shiny finish, although in recent years other methods and colours have been used in order to meet tourists demands. The most common products are pots, of all shapes and sizes although you can also find decorative items like plates and figurines. However the most typical item is the chanchito alcancíá. Chanchito is the diminuitive for chancho meaning pig and alcancía means money box. In other words, traditional Chilean piggy banks, with its slot at the top and which you have to break to get the coins out. Once you've finished shopping, there's nothing better than to be guided by smell and find your way to one of the stalls selling traditional Chilean food, like empanadas de kilo (large stuffed pasty) or pastel de choclo (corn pie). With these in your hands it can be very relaxing to sit and watch how the potters turn the wheel shaping their figurines to the sound of typical Chilean music.

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