Mmmm... smells like a stew of conger eels with potatoes, carrots, onions, white wine... Would you like to try some?

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Conger eels and fried fish

Delicious fried fish.

Although Santiago isn't a coastal city, Chile has nearly 6,500 kilometres of coastline and this is clearly shown in its traditional food. Highlights from among Chile's specialities are fried conger eel or as a stew known as caldillo de congrio, served in a sauce made up of potato, carrot, peppers, onions and white wine and is traditionally served in the time around holy week. It's also worth pointing out that there is an abundance of all sorts of seafood available at very reasonable prices. As a general rule, you can find good fish in most of the restaurants of the city, but some have made the fruits of the sea their speciality. This is the case at La Tasca de Altamar ( 6347 Noruega Street, Las Condes district), where for 25 years people have been able to enjoy conger eel and other seafood specialities at a reasonable price, in a complete maritime themed setting. Another good option is Miraolas (4171 Vitacuria Avenue), a seafood restaurant where there is a curious mix: the best of the Chilean sea with traditional Basque techniques. They offer simple fish (Pacific pomfret, salmon and conger eel) and more extravagant offerings such as golden crab, lobster and oysters.

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