El Morado needs a whole day to visit as it has so much to offer you won't know where to start!

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El Morado Natural Monument

Trip to the Morales Baths.

To enjoy the outdoors in Santiago, it really is worth going to the El Morado Natural Monument, located 93 kilometres from the capital in the municipal district of Baños Morales. Getting there is very straightforward, either by car or coach and there's endless things to do. From walking to horseriding, then rock climbing and mountaineering for the more adventurous, the area, which follows the Volcán river basin, is one of the biggest tourist attractions, for its scenery and its interesting wild flowers. It's not an especially big area, just 3,000 hectares, but tucked inside it is a spectacular surprise: views of the San Francisco glacier, the reward for those who finish the walk suggested by the park. It's eight kilometres to get to the El Morado lake, 2,400 metres above sea level. Then for those that still have energy, you can go up to the base of the glacier itself. However, if what you want to do is recharge your batteries and rest, the area has various types of accommodation such as cabins, hostels and camping. Something for every type of tourist. It is important to note that park is only open during the southern hemisphere summer, between October and March, as for the rest of the year it is extremely cold.

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