Dear families, Fantasilandia will not leave you disappointed, either by its size or by its choice of attractions. Woohoo!

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Fantasilandia, amusment park

Chilean Disney.

Nicknamed "The Chilean Disneyland" by newspapers when the plan for a huge (it is the fifth largest in Latin America) and modern amusement park was announced. That was in 1977 and few Chileans then had been to a place like this, totally dedicated to entertainment for adults and children. Perfect for going as a family, the park will also not disappoint fans of theme parks. Seven rollercoasters, 3D cinema, shows, a whole host of aquatic attractions and even the traditional carousel. The amusement park has everything and has as a rule to open a new attraction each year; fun is more than guaranteed. There are a number of important milestones in its history, like in 1995 opening the first rollercoaster in South America with a full loop and keeping its promise to never cut a single tree down that was in the area, or in extreme circumstances replant it, meaning that today it has one of the widest variety of trees in the capital. A good reason to leave the kids on the rides and spend some time walking around its leafy surroundings.

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