The kids will have a great time at this interactive museum designed specially for them. It would be a mistake not to go!

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Mirador Interactive Museum

Learn to have fun!

It has fourteen rooms where you learn about things as varied as astronomy, energy or robotics in a fun way, and as indeed its names states, so that visitors interact with the objects on show. A place where touching the displays isn't prohibited, but rather it's almost obligatory. The museum emerged at the beginning of the new millennium and only looks to the future. It has received a number of awards, both for its architecture and for its innovative projects and is one of the most visited museums in the city. Children from all the schools in the capital and other cities come during the week and at the weekends it is a standard for families. You can learn about robotics, electromagnetism, alternative energy and intelligent cities; but the creators didn't want to leave out the fact the museum is located in a country with a very long mining tradition. Therefore there is a room dedicated to precisely that, centring on extraction processes, the uses of copper and this history of mining in Chile. For the littlest children, the Sala Ciudadela (mini city) has 3D cinema showings and loads of workshops in its theatre room. Finally, every visit is given some time learn about the earth and the forces of nature, in particular earthquakes, which are so common in Chile.

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