Goodbye to norms of beauty. Hello authenticity and popular simplicity: objects of little artistic value but of high social value.

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Museum of Popular American Art

Homage to the people.

We are used to going to museums in search of great works of the history of art, but sometimes it's good to break away from convention when it comes to norms of beauty and importance and focus on the little works of art that the man in the street has been creating. This is the idea of the Museum of Popular American Art and among its collections it has tiny treasures from the length and breadth of America, in particular South and Central, for visitors to enjoy. Handicraft as a reflection of popular art and culture is the idea of the museum and it has an eclectic collection. Highlights include: the wooden miniature replicas and toys, pottery from all over the continent, traditional clothing of the Chilean farm worker and the popular manifestation of the people's religious devotion; like the traditional Christ crucified inside a bottle, found especially in the Región Metropolitana (Santiago and the surrounding area). The origin of the museum, located in the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistal, is in 1942, when the University of Chile organised the first exhibition of popular American art to commemorate its centenary. The project does not have so much to do with technical excellence or perfection, but rather the social value of objects which for centuries have been passed down to the place where they are today.

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