You can do anything in this park: parties, markets, concerts, museums, sports, performances. You should see it!

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O'Higgins Park

Fantastic variety.

Considered one of the city's focal points, O'Higgins Park amazes everyone who goes for its variety of styles and the different uses the people of Santiago have for it. Each year, it is converted into a focal point of the National Celebrations and the military parade which Chile holds on the 18th and 19th September in commemoration of the proclamation of the First National Junta, which began the process of independence. Every weekend there is a type of street market where anyone is free to swap of sell whatever they want. As clear proof of the eclecticism which gathers in the park, it is enough to say that the same park has Huaso Museum, which pays homage to cowboys and has an extremely interesting collection of ponchos and hats, and the MoviStar Arena, a big stadium mostly used for big concerts. For doing sports there is the Sports Centre, Olympic Swimming Pool, Tennis Club and Archery School, all located within the park. And not wanting to push culture to one side, there is also La Cúpula Theatre, which stages performances accessible to all, in terms of both price and theme.

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