4 floors of rooms which hold all sorts of exhibitions, shows and cultural and artistic functions.

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Old Mapocho Station, made into an Arts Centre

Converted station.

Art exhibitions, theatre, ballet, films, international conventions, fairs and conferences all take place in this old station, today made into a huge Arts Centre for Santiago. More than 20,000 square metres over four floors where beside halls for all sorts of staged productions, there are two restaurants and a café. It was in 1905, when Chile was preparing for the celebrations of its first century as an independent country, that the president of the republic began the project for this huge station, which would be a transport hub for the country and from where trains would depart for neighbouring Argentina. Emilio Jecquier was contracted from France for its construction, a Chilean living in Paris, and he gave it the beautiful neoclassical style that led to it being declared a listed building in 1976. However, a decade later it ceased to operate, leaving the building abandoned. In 1990 a new use for the station was chosen and it was opened in 1994 as an Arts Centre and in 2009 won the Queen Sofia International Prize for its work in pursuing the conservation of cultural heritage and the spread of the arts.

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