Parque de las Esculturas (Sculpture Park)

Open air sculptures in a green and varied space where jazz can be heard each year at it's International Festival.

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Parque de las Esculturas (Sculpture Park)

Homage to Pachamamma (Mother Earth).

Art and Nature give a hand in this large green area with views of the Andres mountains, containing a display of more than 30 permanent sculptures, as well as others that are installed in the park temporarily. Opened in 1986, its birth is due to one of the many meteorological phenomena that periodically affect Chile. This time it wasn't an earthquake, but rather the Mapocho river bursting its banks in 1982, which flooded the riverside area and took with it a number of houses and cultivated areas. The authorities took the opportunity created by the disaster to create something different, giving way to the Sculpture Park, whose first permanent inhabitant was an imposing figure in homage of Pachamama (which is what mother earth is known as in Latin America), by the Chilean scuptor Marta Colvin. Bit by bit peices were added by other nationally recognised sculptors and an Exhibition hall was opened dedicated to talented young artists. Since 2002, this open air museum has also been the venue for the annual International Jazz Festival (during the southern hemisphere summer).

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