Patio Bellavista, a huge shopping and arts centre

Attractive and diverse. The hallmark of a shopping centre which aims to be much more than that. Come and see for yourself!

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Patio Bellavista, a huge shopping and arts centre

Shopping, chillout and entertainment.

A shopping centre which won't remind you of a shopping centre. This is more or less the objective of Patio Bellavista, located in the district of the same name and defines itself as "an urban panorama with a unique identity, a place to enjoy yourself". In other words, a place that you don't just go to go shopping, but also to have a fun and relaxing day. The centre was chosen to make up part of the Chilean Pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai Expo and its 18,000 square metres, including the latest extensions, stand out architecturally not just for the structure but also because it has served to regenerate the area ever since it opened its doors in January 2006. But more than its architecture and design, the most important thing this shopping centre does is bring together fine dining and shopping with the world of arts, design, music and leisure. You'll as likely find jewellery shops as restaurants and cafés, together with the cultural events taking place every day of the year. Jazz concerts, exhibitions, theatre, literary recitals,... each with a note of local idiosyncrasy, which is what makes it so attractive to foreign visitors.

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