Beside being the heartbeat and historical centre of Santiago, it is also the origin: Discover its centre point!

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Plaza de Armas

Hustle, bustle and history.

Central hub of the modern city and throughout history, it emerged as a central axis around which the rest was built. A quick look around the square gives a visitor an idea of the evolution of this large city: the silhouette of the metropolitan cathedral contrasts with the glass building of the Plaza de Armas offices, where the administrative offices of some of the biggest national and international companies are. Continuing our visual tour we see the Sagrario Church and on the north side, the central post office, which was once the home of the conqueror of Chile, Pedro de Valdivia, the Museo Histórico Nacional (National History Museum) and the City Hall. The centre of the square is presided over by the Statue to the Freedom of America, also know as Freedom of Ayacucho, as it was comissioned by neighbouring Peru to commemorate the battle of the same name. Made of white marble, and known by Chileans as the "lizard fountain", it is considered the centre point of Chile. But more than the statues and buildings, the Plaza de Armas is a meeting place and a place to relax for Chileans, full of caricaturists, jugglers and mime artists who seek the involvement of residents and tourists to earn a few coins.

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