You'll love the cannon shot fired at midday. Plan your visit for that time and find out its history!

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Santa Lucía Park: Neptune's Terrace Fountain

Celebration of history.

It was from Santa Lucía hill that the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia began founding Santiago. A historical event which forever remained in its name as it is the date that his troops took control of the hill, December 13th 1540, which is Saint Lucy's day (Santa Lucía in Spanish). The plain rocky mountain was initially used a a forward defence for the city (and it still has an imposing fort from the beginning of the nineteenth century: Hidalgo Castle, which after years of neglect now looks its best and functions as a venue for events) which over time has been converted into a beautiful landscaped park. Of particular importance was the push for improvements by Benjamín Vicuña Mackena, mayor of the city until 1870, who built parks, gardens, footpaths and fountains like the striking Neptune's Terrace fountain, which is at the entrance to Santa Lucia park. One of the biggest attractions takes place every day at midday. At that time, since the early years of Independence, a canon shot marks midday a throwback to the times when it let people of the small city of Chile that it was time to eat.

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