French neoclassical style for a fantastic programme of opera, theatre and ballet. The very best in Chile.

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Santiago Municipal Theatre

A prestigious stage.

If you like opera, theatre or ballet, this is likely to be one of the must-do things during your visit to Chile. The most prestigious stage in the city and the oldest in the country. Enjoy the arts in all the theatre's splendour. As with many other buildings, over its 150 years of history it has suffered the scourge of fire and the earthquakes which every so often raze the country to the ground. However, it has always got back on its feet and has maintained the French neoclassical style which it wore on the day of its inauguration, September 17th 1857, when a Verdi opera, performed by an Italian orchestra brought over specially for the occasion, sounded for the first time within its walls. Besides the traditional programme, the theatre management offer educational visits, allow attendance at rehearsals and has a "Behind the curtain" program, which organises talks and meetings with the production designers. For devotees of the arts, the venue also houses the great national archive dedicated to art, theatre, dance and opera: The Documentation Centre for Stage Arts (Centro DAE).

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