It is reminiscent of the Christ of Corcovado, though no more than that. At 14 metres high and 86 tons it is worth a photo.

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Statue of the Virgin Mary, on San Cristóbal hill.

The face of San Cristóbal Hill.

It isn't as well known as the Corcovado of Río de Janeiro, but the statue of the Virgin Mary which presides over San Cristóbal hill is also a symbol of the its city. Modelled in cast iron and hollow inside, the image is 14 metres high on top of the eight of the pedestal it stands on. Cast in the Parisian workshops of the Val de'Osne, weighing more than 36 tons, it was installed at the top of the 880m high hill in 1908. The hill is the highest in the city and precisely because of that it got its name. Travellers of the time started to call it San Cristóbal (St. Christopher), patron saint of travellers, because its height served as a guide to reach Santiago. Today a large recreational area, which at times it can get very busy, it has footpaths, a botanical garden, even a zoo, as well as a spectacular cultural centre: La Casa de la Cultura Anahuac (Anahuac Culture and Community Centre), built by the Chilean architect Carlos Martner. To reach the summit of the huge Metropolitan Park which covers the length and breadth of San Cristóbal hill, the funicular is by far the best option. Opened in 1925 and till this day has the same three stops.

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