Adding lemon juice, sugar and crushed ice to pisco equals a delicious and refreshing chilean drink.

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Try Chilean pisco (liquor)

Chilean pisco or Peruvian pisco?

Chile and Peru have been disputing the denominación de origen of pisco for many years, with both sides refusing to budge. Independent of that, what is not questioned is that pisco, a liquor made by distilling certain wines, is very traditional in Santiago. The various ways of preparing it have made it a very versatile drink, which can be had on its own or mixed with soft drinks like cola, giving rise to what Chileans know as "píscola". The other option is to have it as a cocktail, adding fresh fruit, in particular citrus. The most traditional method is to mix it with lemon juice and sugar and drink it with lots of ice, either cubed or crushed. However, there is no limit to the imagination. There are places that serve it with melon, pineapple or raspberries and even with honey. Which one to choose? That depends on the strength you prefer, which varies from 30 to 43 percent proof. However, one of the best is "Control C" by the Compañía Pisquera de Chile. One of the best places to drink it is Giratorio de Santiago (2250, 11 de Septiembre Avenue, 16th Floor, Providencia), which also has the benefit of excellent views. In 2009, the government made May 15th National Chilean Pisco Day. For this reason each year tens of establishments offer a multitude of varieties of pisco for their customers on that momentous day.

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