Empanadillas de pino are the most traditional. Mincemeat, caramalised onion and spices that make you lick your fingers.

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"Póngale más picadillo"

They say: "Póngale más picadillo" in Chile to tell someone to do something with more enthusiasm or happiness. The phrase comes from the traditional Chilean empanadillas which are distinguished by their picadillo filling (a spiced meat hash). The empanadilla most commonly eaten and made is the empanada de pino, a filling of beef with seasoned onion and spices, available all year round especially if you go to Santiago in September, during the national celebrations. You can also get seafood or vegetable filled empanadillas, and it wouldn't be a surprise if you were offered them for breakfast since it's customary in Chile to eat them at that time of day, especially on Sundays. It isn't difficult to find somewhere to try them, but if you want to settle on a place, go to Paula A (6946 Los Militares Avenue, the Las Condes shopping centre), whose empanadas were chosen the best in the city in 2012 by the Chilean Circle of Food and Wine Writers. Other options are the Panaderías Castaño chain (www.castano.cl) or the Ña Matea shops (www.namatea.cl), which have been awarded first and second places respectively in the 2013 ranking published in "Wiken" (arts and leisure supplement of the El Mercurio newspaper. Wiken means weekend.)

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