Tupahue and Antillén swimming pools in the Metropolitano Park

Both swimming pools are veritable works of art integrated into nature. Taking a dip in the pools is A MUST.

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Tupahue and Antillén swimming pools in the Metropolitano Park

Natural lakes.

At 82 metres long (nearly double an Olympic sized pool) and 25 metres wide, Tupahue swimming pool is comparable to a beautiful natural lake. Designed in the 60s by the Chilean architect and landscape painter Carlos Martner García, who designed many public spaces throughout Chile, you can appreciate by the pool's construction his desire to integrate the design into its surroundings, combining what nature has created with what man can create by his own hands. Indeed, nothing is left to chance in the irregularly shaped construction which blends into the surroundings full of plant life; not even the artificial waterfall looks out of place. The swimming pool is striking from the outside, but not until you enter the complex do you get the real surprise: the Tupahue Mural, composed of thousands of coloured stones, many of them from the that same hill, where previously there was a quarry, created by the muralists Juan O'Gorman, a Mexican and the Chilean Maria Martner. The mural is considered to be symbol of solidarity between the two countries. Antillén swimming pool should not be cast aside. Opened two decades later, on December 8th 1976, and also designed by the hand of Martner. At nearly 1,000 metres above sea level it has spectacular views over the whole city, it is even larger than the other pool (92 metres by 25 wide) and it is also graced by large stone murals. The swimming pools are open every day except Mondays between 25th November and 15th March.

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