Vega Central Market, also known as Feria Mapocho

Have eggs with marraqueta (a type of Chilean bread) for breakfast in one of its bars before going to look at the first class products there are on offer.

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Vega Central Market, also known as Feria Mapocho

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A day to day destination for Santiago locals, but it's not unusual to see groups of tourists among the stalls of Vega Central, given that the market's good price-quality ratio is know beyond Chile's borders. It's a particularly good place to by fresh produce, especially fruit and veg, but also cheese, meat and fish. However tourist don't go there just for its products, but also because it has a very traditional Chilean feel. Stallholders have been there for decades and since they know their clientèle, they have recently started to open small bars where you can have a traditional Chilean breakfast: huevos con marraqueta, eggs with Chilean bread, similar to a hamburger bun. Begun in 1985 thanks to the drive of a wealthy local businessman, Agustín Gómez García, it was initially called the Gran Mercado de Abastos de la Ciudad (literally, large city food market), but he ended up naming it Mercado de la Vega, which is what local residents called it. Today there are nearly 1,500 shops and not only that, but a number of shops and warehouses selling wholesale goods have sprung up around it.

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